Our View On The New York Real Estate Boom
News Our View On The New York Real Estate Boom Matthew Kraus Thursday, 30 April 2015

At Skyline we believe windows are an investment. Quality windows save money on energy costs and significantly increase your property value when it’s time to sell. In NYC they also serve as a buffer between you and the chaotic sounds of urban life. Who doesn’t enjoy arriving home after a long day and instantly escaping the city ruckus?

Last week we discussed the ever-increasing prices of New York City residences. As a follow up, we want to point out that we diligently work to be the company of choice for 10 buildings with the highest value sales in the past month including: The Silk Building, Stella Tower, the Sherry Netherlands Hotel and the Manhattan House. This is no coincidence, property owners big and small feel confident working with us knowing they’re getting our full commitment to quality, functionality, efficiency and aesthetic. As a New York based company for almost a century, we’re quite fond of our skyline and take great care to install a product that enhances each unique view.  

Whether you’re searching for your dream home, considering selling or are about to remodel, the relationship between high-quality windows and increased home value can’t be overlooked. When properly installed, high performance windows provide significant improvements to interior comfort and quality of life. Windows should be designed for maximum functionality, as well as for beauty and we are privileged that some of Manhattan’s finest buildings have chosen Skyline Windows to help enhance their views.

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